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Geiger counter se60

The Geiger counter se60

mini geiger counter
se60 is a small Geiger counter you can easily carry with you on your key fob. It is designed to promptly detect radioactively contaminated objects.

For example, you can even check food before you buy it.

Hold the device towards the tested object and press the button. se60 shows the radioactivity measured by blinking and beeping. Each radioactive decay, that has been detected, is indicated by a flashing light and by a beep.

The normal background radioactivity on earth, depending on the location, is approximately 0.1 - 0.2 µSv/h (mikro-Sievert per second).

If for example se60 flashes 10 times per minute, this corresponds to 10 times of the normal background radiation (10 x 0.1µSv/h = 1µSv/h). se60 shows the present strength of radiation in a simple way (also see the videos).

The unit comes with an easy to replace standard coin cell, that powers the device. The service time of the coin cell in common use is up to 2 years. The cell is included.